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Your acne is active, again. And it may seem like no matter what you do, you just can’t beat it – you watch your diet, wash your face, drink lots of water, and think happy thoughts – all to no avail.

Men and women of all ages are concerned about the appearance of their skin because of recurring acne flare-ups. And if you are one of them, read on to learn about the 3 primary causes of acne:

  • Dead Skin Cells Are Clogging Your Pores. Pores play an integral part in your body’s overall health. Their purpose is to move waste products such as sweat from your body to help it maintain a healthy equilibrium. But your pores can easily become obstructed by dry, dead skin cells, and when that happens, acne can be a result. One of the surest ways to combat this acne trigger is to keep your face clean with a morning and night skin care routine, which includes a mild exfoliant. And don’t ever go to bed without removing your pore-clogging make up.
  • Bacteria Has Built Up In Your Pores. Acne loves and feeds on germs and bacteria. Your hands carry bacteria, so, don’t touch your face and don’t pick at your skin. Your face-touching rituals when relaxing at home, at work or when you sleep can add unwanted, unhealthy bacteria to your facial skin. This can make your existing acne worse and resistant to treatment.
  • Too Much Oil Is Produced By Your Follicles. Your skin needs oil to stay moist, bright and youthful. But when your skin produces too much oil, your risk of acne is increased. With hormonal changes comes excessive oil production. That’s why so many adolescents going through puberty suffer from acne. Many adults also deal with hormonal imbalances and may find they need treatment for adult acne as they age.

At Westport, we offer various acne laser and light treatments, such as Blue Light, IPL, Laser Genesis and Photodynamic Therapy. There’s no need to continue to suffer. We invite you to call to schedule an appointment, today: 203.226.3600.

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