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A new year is filled with new opportunities to be our best selves. This encompasses how we treat others (and that child inside of us), how we conduct our business, and how we take care of our health and wellness. There are countless opportunities to address the cosmetic concerns you see when you look in the mirror, as well. At some point, washing off makeup or skin care products before bed is no longer enough. We all could use a little help in creating our best look. Here, we will look at three treatments available in our Westport and Darien offices that can get you where you want to be.

Skin Tightening

Sometime during our 40s, most of us start to realize that the decrease in collagen (which started in our 20s!) has changed our skin. Drooping eyelids and jowls, flattened cheeks, and a turkey neck are just a few of the conditions that arise when there isn’t enough collagen to support connective tissues. Skin tightening doesn’t have to mean surgery. In fact, we offer two outstanding radiofrequency treatments, Thermage™ and Protege Elite ™ that address concerns on the neck and face. Treatments are designed to increase collagen production for several months at a time. This increase leads to progressively younger-looking skin.

Laser Hair Removal

Do you find yourself grumbling all summer long that you have to shave again? The “off-season” is a great time to consider the value of laser hair removal. The treatment process involves scheduled sessions over a few months time, each targeting hair within the follicles for destruction. Additionally, the energy from laser light disables the follicle so it each can no longer produce hair. Bye-bye, razor!

Eyelid Treatments

One of the biggest concerns that we hear from patients is that their eyes have changed significantly as they have aged. Historically, this has meant that it was time for an eyelid lift or face lift. Not anymore! There are a few ways that issues such as under eye bags and sagging upper eyelids can be corrected. One approach is to fill in the area beneath the eye with a dermal filler. The smooth effects of this treatment last several months. Upper eyelids may be helped with Botox, which can be applied at the brow line to elevate the brow and lift the skin on the upper lid. Some patients want longer-lasting results, and undergo Thermage™ radiofrequency skin tightening to rejuvenate their eyes.

Cosmetic treatments can be very exciting, even if they are not complicated! To look and feel your best throughout this year and every one to follow, let us help you find the right protocol. Call 203-226-3600.


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