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Skiing, sledding, building a snowman?   Don’t forget your skin is still at risk from harmful UV rays!  Enjoy the winter season, but be sure to follow these tips for protecting your skin.

  • Avoid indoor tanning- a single tanning session can more than double your risk of developing skin cancer.
  • Don’t forget your sunscreen- regular use of SPF 30 or higher will help protect the skin from damaging UV rays.
  • Get a full body skin check- have your dermatologist examine your skin from head to toe.  Early detection is vital.
  • Know your skin- examine your own skin regularly.  A self-exam can also help with early detection.
  • Wear protective clothing- hats and gloves will not only keep you warm, they will also protect these areas from UV exposure.  Your eyes need protection as well, so don’t forget the sunglasses!!

Education and awareness are the first steps in preventing skin cancer.  By following these simple steps you can help keep your skin healthy and safe while still enjoying the winter weather.


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