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We owe a big thanks to the development and progress of technology. Technology is becoming more and more sophisticated and has become prevalent in the human life, many of the new trends have emerged which can alter the human body from destruction. The usefulness of advanced health technology can never be denied, however the use of this technology is critical. Because of many factors that affect us negatively which include the increased use of unhealthy diets, the increased level of pollution in the environment, aggravated industrial progress, and decrease in the physical activity of humans, we are not taking care of our bodies. So despite the extraordinary effects of development, it has affected the human life.

The human skin is a perfect miracle of nature, which not only protect the whole body, but also creates radiance and attraction for individuals. However, because of some of the major reasons mentioned above, we are unable to take care of our skin, which ultimately results in a number of skin diseases and dullness of skin. Being the largest and most widely spread body part, your skin is the main element of your beauty, so if you are careless about your skin you have actually put your health at stake. One of the most common and obvious problems of the skin, which is prevalent in almost all parts of the world’s include acne on the skin. Acne is so obvious and noticeable, it has the tendency to diminish your beauty and lower the levels of a person’s confidence.

Westport Dermatology and laser Center is serving all those patients who are suffering from various skin issues and considered to be incurable. They believe that curing the skin means improving your health.

Common causes of Acne & other skin issues:

Our skin is our shield against the environmental damages and effects of various agents. The physical composition of skin is multi layered and it enables step by step penetration of any substance applied to it. So the symptoms and severity of acne may vary. It may be shown by simple redness or by swelling of the affected area. In some cases scars or dry patches may be formed.

There are a number of causes for this diverse problem of acne. It may include an imbalance in the hormone levels, unhealthy eating habits or even emotional disturbances.

Traditional acne treatment methods include:

  • chemical peels
  • scar management
  • Accutane
  • personalized skincare management

The laser treatments available for acne include:

  • blue light
  • Laser Genesis
  • Photodynamic therapy
  • intense pulsed light

Moreover, whichever type of treatment is being applied to the patient, the skin specialist usually recommends accompanying the treatment with a proper diet plan, in order to restrict the reoccurrence of the acne.

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