Acne is the term for blocked pores (blackheads and whiteheads), pimples, and deeper lumps (cysts or nodules) that can appear typically on the face, neck, chest, back, shoulders, and upper arms.

  • 17 million Americans currently have acne, making it the most common skin condition in the country
  • Teenagers and adults can get acne
  • Untreated acne can cause physical disfigurement (scarring) and emotional distress

Acne Treatment in Westport, CT

Treatment for acne varies depending on the type and severity of lesions, as well as the patient’s skin type, age, and lifestyle. Options include:

  • Patient education
  • Latest topical & oral prescription medications
  • Accutane
  • Laser and light treatments
  • Personalized Skin Care Regimen
  • Chemical peels
  • Medical facials/extractions
  • Scar Management
  • Oral hormone therapy

Laser and light treatments for Acne

  • Blue light
  • IPL (Intense Pulse Light)
  • Laser Genesis
  • PDT (Photodynamic Therapy)

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