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Like all areas of the body, the neck looks different as we age. Even though we look at ourselves in the mirror every day, a great many of us fail to see how the skin on our neck is becoming loose and saggy. Here, we discuss what may change with age and what we can do about it.

A variety of conditions can age the skin on the neck. These include:

  • Laxity. Loose skin is a natural consequence of low collagen and elastin. These chemicals decline significantly after age 20, leaving the skin without vital support.
  • Excess fat. Fat cells can enlarge in the area beneath the chin, leading to the appearance of a double-chin, even when a person is at a relatively healthy and stable weight. This problem can be exacerbated by laxity.
  • Neck bands. Because the neck muscles may loosen in the middle and tighten at their outer edges with repetitive use, we often see vertical lines appear across the front of the neck. Horizontal lines are also a consequence of muscle use.
  • Discoloration. Brown and red spots can appear on the neck as a result of sun damage.

How Do We Address the Aging Neck?

Because dermatologists know the underlying causes of these common problems, they know how to correct them or slow their progression.

  • Laxity is a low-collagen and elastin issue. Therefore, treatment may focus on naturally stimulating the infusion of these chemicals to a target area. ThermiSmooth is an excellent skin-tightening treatment that stimulates collagen remodeling using radiofrequency energy. Radiofrequency treatment can be taken to a new level with Vivace, a device that delivers controlled energy via a microneedling technique.
  • Neck bands are often reduced using Botox since they are caused by repetitive muscle movements.
  • Excess fat beneath the chin can be reduced with Kybella. This injectable treatment is repeated up to 3 times over several weeks to achieve maximum improvement.
  • Discoloration and spots caused by sun damage can be corrected through targeted laser treatments.

It may not seem simple to address the aging neck, but with the right assistance, it really can be easy and effective. To explore your options, schedule a consultation at our Westport, CT office. Call (203) 226-3600 today!

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