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Aging. It’s a natural path that humans have followed since the dawn of time. We’ve done it begrudgingly, though, some of us kicking and screaming the whole way. Why must we lose the beauty that we have become accustomed to? Why must the skin and tissue throughout the body loosen and become spotted? Because research on aging has been so prevalent, and so effective, we pretty much know exactly why our appearance changes as we age. We have also learned ways to work with the natural changes that occur in the body, causing the skin to look older and less vibrant.

Anti-aging treatments have become the new norm for adults of all ages. We tend to think of cosmetic procedures such as facelifts as a method of facial rejuvenation for “older people.” In truth, the average age that a person seeks information about facelift surgery is 40-54. In addition to surgical tightening, men and women are much savvier about how to reduce the appearance of worry lines and frown lines. But age has some sneaky ways to show up on the skin. Fortunately, we know how to beat them.

  • Heavy eyes. There are several ways in which the eyes change as we age. Heavy upper eyelids may be due to laxity of the skin itself. Often, though, the heaviness of the upper eyelid is at least partially related to a drooping brow. If you look in the mirror, you may notice that one eye looks heavier than the other, or that one brow sits lower on the forehead. Brow lifting may be achieved with BOTOX, dermal fillers, or a combination of the two.
  • Turkey neck. We may be somewhat accepting of lines and wrinkles, and even of a little sagging at the jawline; but a turkey neck? That is where a lot of people draw the line! Submental fullness, or a double-chin, or a turkey neck, results from loss of firmness in superficial tissues. This allows the fat that has dropped from the face to settle beneath the chin, leading to a full, unattractive appearance. Patients of Westport Dermatology can say farewell to their double chin with Kybella treatments, an innovative injectable service with proven results.
  • Grandma’s hands. We give so much attention to our lines and wrinkles and double chin that we might forget to look at our hands as we age. One day, most people observe their hands with a gasp, noticing their Grandmother rather than themselves. The fullness of hands can be restored with dermal filler treatment, reviving a more youthful appearance in an area of the body that is more noticeable than you may imagine.

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