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We commonly expect for men and women in their forties and beyond to express at least a little concern about the way their skin is aging. Lines and wrinkles are often reduced with injectables. Some people undergo laser treatments, light treatments, LED treatments, ultrasound skin tightening, or other procedures to gain a bit of control over their skin.

Just because so much marketing is geared toward the “older adult” these days doesn’t mean that millennials have nothing to worry about. In fact, many in this younger generation have realized the value of proactive anti-aging. In our Westport dermatology office, one way we act against the early signs of aging is with Clear + Brilliant.

What Is Clear + Brilliant?

Isn’t Clear + Brilliant just another laser treatment? Not necessarily. Yes, this system has been developed around innovative laser technology. No, it isn’t any old laser. Where Clear + Brilliant stands out is in its gentleness. When your skin has just begun to show signs of sun damage such as hyperpigmentation, or the overall tone and texture of your skin has diminished, you don’t need an aggressive ablating laser resurfacing. What you need is a mild treatment that stimulates collagen production while vaporizing the uppermost superficial tissue for more radiance and health.

One of the advantages of a more conservative laser resurfacing such as Clear + Brilliant is that there is minimal downtime. Next to none, actually. The most common side effects of this treatment include minor redness and swelling, symptoms that are usually gone within 12 hours. After these side effects have diminished, though, it is possible that the skin will feel sensitive for a few days. Putting on makeup or washing your face might feel tender, but not painful. It is also beneficial to make sure you’re applying a moisturizing with broad-spectrum sunscreen after Clear + Brilliant treatment, although this is recommended for all of us, every day, anyway.

Ultimately, every person’s skin has unique needs. Clear + Brilliant is an excellent treatment to fight the early signs of aging or to postpone them. However, it’s not right for everyone. That’s why we’ve equipped our office with multiple devices and techniques to bring out the best in our patients’ skin. Call (203) 226-3600 to schedule a consultation to help you give your skin exactly what it needs.

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