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Summertime promises us loads of fun as well as ample opportunity to soak up some sunshine. Where there is sunshine in the summer, there is bound to be heat. For most people, a little extra warmth after months of winter sounds appealing. If you are someone who tends to sweat quickly and profusely, the rising mercury may create more frustration than anything else.

Sweating may be a normal bodily function, but it can become a whole new experience when sweat glands don’t seem to have a shut-off valve. For those who sweat excessively, summertime may feel like a drag. Instead of sweating it out on the sidelines, we suggest that excessive sweaters visit our Westport, CT office for miraDry®.

What is miraDry?

Excessive sweating, referred to as hyperhidrosis, has historically been addressed with strong commercial or medical-grade antiperspirant products. Soon after the development of Botox cosmetic, this injectable became a popular method for temporarily reducing sweat production. As we have continued to progress technologically, science has developed new ways to use functional energies. MiraDry is an example of that innovation.

MiraDry is an in-office treatment for hyperhidrosis that is based on the power of electromagnetic energy. It works similarly to today’s laser treatments, with energy emitted from a controlled platform and comfortable handpiece. The miraDry handpiece has a built-in cooling mechanism that protects the uppermost layers of tissue and nerve-endings while electromagnetic energy transfers to heat deeper beneath the surface. When sweat glands are strategically heated by electromagnetic waves, they die off. This means permanent results.

Benefits of miraDry Treatment

Unless you’re in the midst of relatively strenuous physical activity, sweating may be problematic. Sure, most people sweat the first time (or every time) they stand in front of a classroom or boardroom. Sure, we may sweat when we experience intense emotions. For the most part, though, sweating should be well-regulated. Excessive sweat production leads many people to avoid social situations. It forces one to carry extra items of clothing and creates the perfect storm for continual embarrassment and self-consciousness. To destroy excessive sweat glands means to feel freer to engage fully in life without those negative feelings.

Learn more about miraDry. Call Westport Dermatology at (203) 226-3600.

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