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Millions of teenagers have acne. Statistics have historically demonstrated a prevalence of this condition among young people. However, that doesn’t mean that younger adults, or even adults of any age, do not continue to struggle with their skin. Acne has ties both to the P. acnes bacterium and also to hormones. Those two factors alone make this dermatologic problem a real challenge. If you or someone you love is embroiled in an ongoing battle with acne, there is good reason to get help.

Typically, the way that acne is treated is with over-the-counter facial cleansers and spot treatments. Most of the products developed for acne contain one or more of the following: benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and niacinamide (or nicotinic acid). These compounds mitigate oil production and also work to break up the accumulation of P. acnes bacteria by making sure that oxygen gets into affected pores. In many cases, a good skin care routine with appropriate acne-fighting products is sufficient. But what if it’s not?

If over-the-counter acne treatments are not working, it’s time to call your dermatologist. We have offices in Darien and Westport in which we can take a scientific and multidimensional approach to acne. Long term effects from this skin condition may stem from a single bad breakout. Scarring is something we would like to help our patients avoid, not to mention the decrease in self-confidence that coincides with acne. There are several ways that we can get an upper hand on this tough dermatologic problem.

Clinical Therapies for Acne

The over-the-counter solutions that are available for acne may not be sufficient for more serious cases due to low concentrations of active ingredients. Your dermatologist may prescribe therapeutic grade retinol cream or other topical acne medications. In some cases, we may discuss oral antibiotics or hormone therapy to control factors that incite acne flare-ups. Finally, Westport Dermatology facilities are equipped with sophisticated technologies that have been proven to improve chronic acne. These include laser treatments, microdermabrasion, and photodynamic therapy.

There is no benefit to waiting when it comes to acne. To obtain professional care in a friendly environment, contact one of our conveniently located offices.

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