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Laser hair removal is a popular cosmetic treatment that offers significant rewards. Not only does laser hair removal lead to long-lasting silky-smooth skin, but this method of grooming also puts razor burn to bed for good. When there is no hair to shave or pluck, there is virtually no chance for ingrown hairs to develop and cause discomfort. From itching to bumps to burn, the skin is relieved of a lot of irritation when we perform laser hair removal. Because these results are so enjoyable, we want them to last. Here, we discuss a few ways to maximize what is achieved with laser hair removal.

During Treatment

As you go through your series of laser treatments to permanently alter hair follicles, it is beneficial if you try to promote hair growth through gentle means. An easy way to do this is to shave and exfoliate the area of skin we are treating every two weeks. Shaving and exfoliating can increase follicular activity, making the following laser treatment more effective. Another tip suggested by experts is to pay attention to hair growth during laser hair removal treatment. Some localized areas may grow more quickly than others. This is a detail to share with your provider.

After Treatment

Supplements for hair, skin, and nails aren’t just good for the hair on your head. If you take a supplement such as Biotin, you may want to stop once your laser hair removal treatments begin. Zinc and a reputable Omega-3 oil provide a good alternative that can be continued long after your treatments have ended. These supplements support cellular hydration and regeneration without stimulating new hair growth so should not shorten the longevity of results.

Laser hair removal has been a leading dermatologic procedure for the past several years because it works. While we are moving closer to summer, there is still time to get excellent results from laser hair removal treatments performed in our comfortable Westport, CT office. Visit us before your skin takes on that sun-kissed glow and say goodbye to those frustrating, unwanted hairs for the foreseeable future.

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