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If you think back to adolescence, you may remember having an idea of shaving as somewhat wondrous. Most of us couldn’t wait until our parents finally granted us permission to wield a razor on unwanted hair. A few nicks and cuts later, we had a solid practice established and relished in our newfound sense of adulthood. We can look back on memories like this with amusement now, knowing that shaving is one task that isn’t all we imagined it would be, at least not forever. If you’ve reached that point at which shaving is a chore, you might benefit from laser hair removal. Here, we discuss a few key points to help you see the value this treatment has for you.

Laser Hair Removal is Easy and Versatile

Laser hair removal is conducted over a series of treatments. That’s about as complicated as it gets. When you undergo this process, you don’t need to take time off for recovery or take extreme measures to prepare for treatment. We just advise patients to avoid tanning to increase the efficacy of the laser procedure. In terms of versatility, laser devices can now remove unwanted hair from just about any part of the body. From full arms or legs to back or buttocks hair to any part of the face, laser technology holds the power to give you the smooth skin you want.

Laser Hair Removal Doesn’t Hurt

There is a significant misperception about laser hair removal that treatments are painful. This may have been true in the early days when technology hadn’t yet refined the powerful nature of laser energy. Today, laser treatments don’t lead to days of a sunburned feeling, nor do they hurt when being performed. Patients may feel a snapping sensation or warmth as the laser vaporizes hairs, but that’s about it.

The Question of Permanence

One of the most common questions people have about laser hair removal is whether their results will last indefinitely. They can. And there is also a chance that hair will grow back. The thing to know about laser hair removal is that each treatment gradually disables hair follicles. Over time, some follicles may regain function, but this doesn’t mean hair growth will resume as it once was. For the most part, recurring hair growth after laser hair removal is thin and sparse and easily treatable with a quick touch-up.

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