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Fat under the chin is a common problem that we hear described as a double-chin. Many adults have excess fatty tissue in the uppermost area of the neck. Some also have loose skin, a natural sign of aging. When the two exist together, they can become one big cosmetic concern. Historically, it has been necessary to liposuction excess fat from under the chin and then perform a neck or facelift to tighten loose, sagging skin. Today, we have another possible combination that appeals to a wider range of patients.

Banishing Fat with Kybella

If injections sound better than liposuction for a double-chin, you may be interested to know more about Kybella. This injectable has been developed specifically for small areas of stubborn fatty tissue. Treatment may involve two to three sessions in the office. Each takes only about 15 minutes. Kybella works by depositing deoxycholic acid into the space around fat cells. The cells then absorb the acid and become liquefied. The body eliminates the damaged cells through the lymphatic system over the course of several months.

Nonsurgical Skin Tightening

The development of radiofrequency devices has changed the way we address age-related changes in the skin. Research has demonstrated the value of collagen and elastin for younger-looking skin, as well as the efficacy of radiofrequency in bringing more of these vital proteins into the upper layers of the skin. Our RF skin tightening system goes a step beyond this. Radiofrequency energy is effective when it permeates the epidermis to absorb within the dermis. Using our system, we are able to deposit radiofrequency into the deeper layers of the skin via microneedles. During treatment, the tiny needles are passed over the skin. With each touch, the needles send radiofrequency into the superficial tissue without causing damage to the epidermis.

Other than mild redness and swelling, patients typically notice very little side effects after either of these treatments. Virtually no downtime is needed to recover, only time to allow treatments to affect the skin. The results of Kybella may begin to appear within a few weeks after the first session and will continue to improve over time. Radiofrequency skin-tightening results may also begin to appear within the first month after treatment and progressively improve as collagen remodeling occurs.

Surgery is not the only solution for age-related cosmetic concerns. Call our Westport dermatology office at (203) 226-3600 to learn more about nonsurgical treatments like Kybella and radiofrequency skin tightening.

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