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Since the very first injectables were approved several years ago, we have lived through a major shift in how we address common cosmetic concerns. In the past decade alone, the FDA has approved an impressive variety of new filler products. The development of these products was intentional. Each is meant to achieve a certain goal. Some fill facial lines and creases, some contour areas of the face that need volume to look young. Regardless of the benefits that come from having a comprehensive selection of dermal fillers to choose from, many people freeze in the face of these options.

In our Westport dermatology office, we help patients determine which treatment is right for them. No one is on their own to investigate every dermal filler product and discern the characteristics of each. Even though treatment is in the hands of an experienced provider, though, we understand that many people simply like to know. Here, we discuss what various fillers are designed to do.

Restylane® Refyne & Restylane Defyne – Juvéderm Ultra Plus & Vollure

Two different makers and two different fillers from each. Why? It all comes down to manufacturing processes. For example, Juvéderm Ultra Plus is made with cross-linked particles of hyaluronic acid. So is Juvéderm Vollure. However, the latter is made using Vycross technology that varies the molecular weight of hyaluronic acid particles. This creates a smoother, more moldable product. Keep in mind, though, smoother and more moldable doesn’t always mean better.

Restylane® Lyft & Juvéderm Voluma

These hyaluronic acid fillers have been developed specifically for use in the mid-face. As we age, the volume in the cheek area deflates and may shift downward. This causes the cheeks to flatten and the lower face to widen and sag. Both Lyft and Voluma are made with the cohesivity and density that provide more structure in the deeper tissues of the cheek area.

Restylane® Silk & Juvéderm Volbella 

In recent years, dermal fillers have become a popular treatment for adding volume to the lips. While Juvéderm Ultra Plus can be used to add more dramatic volume to the body of the lips, Volbella and Restylane Silk are preferred for subtle lip enhancement. The softness of these less cohesive fillers is also ideal for smoothing the ultra-fine lines that form around the mouth.

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