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Aging enables us to look back over our life and see how much we have learned and achieved. This insight that only comes with age also sheds light on some very important things that perhaps we could have done better.  The way we cared for our skin is one of them. The thing is when we had all that strong collagen and glowing skin, most of us didn’t know any better than to go into the sunshine without proper protection! And a large percentage also had no knowledge of how to care for the skin as aging occurred right under our noses.

Whether you want to bring more softness back to your skin, or you want to get the earliest possible start on an effective skin care routine, there are specific steps you want to take. Without the first step, all others are less beneficial.

Where to Begin

The epidermis is often referred to as the uppermost layer of skin. This is true. On top of the top layer of living skin cells is what we call the stratum corneum. This is another layer (or about twenty layers, actually) of cells is not so great. These cells are dead. They are the flattened layer over layer, where they sit and block radiance from shining through.

The problem with the stratum corneum is two-fold, though. Dead skin cells block more than the glow of healthy, living cells; they also block topical products from reaching their intended target. When the stratum corneum is left to hang around the surface, the living cells that make the skin gorgeous are essentially starved for nutrients.

This layer of dead cells must be eliminated. The best way to achieve a clean slate is to schedule a professional treatment in our Westport or Darien dermatology office. Chemical peels are go-to for deep exfoliation, and many of them are so mild that side effects are virtually non-existent. We also perform fractional laser treatments to destroy the layer of debris that impede the effectiveness of quality skin care products.

Is your skin in need of a refresher? Call Westport Dermatology & Laser Center for personal care in a friendly atmosphere.

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