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In recent years, the regenerative capacity of collagen and elastin have become well-recognized. The more we have come to realize that daily living literally breaks down collagen on a consistent basis, the more we have sought ways to prevent this from happening. Some steps we take, like wearing sunscreen, can slow down the degradation of collagen. Other steps, like getting professional microneedling, can offset the effects of aging by promoting healthy new collagen production.

Microneedling has become a popular treatment for adults of all ages. This is because the technique itself provokes a significant increase in collagen production and can, therefore, address numerous skin concerns at once. As good as microneedling has been on its own, science was bound to find a way to make it better. Radiofrequency is one way in which this has been achieved. Here, we discuss how the two compare.

Traditional Microneedling

The microneedling method of collagen induction works by creating hundreds of micro-injuries in the upper layers of the skin. Dermal rollers are a type of microneedling, though there are significant limitations to this at-home treatment. A professional microneedling treatment is automated for deeper penetration in a controlled vertical pattern. The procedure is performed with a topical anesthetic that allows for punctures to be made at a depth of a few millimeters. The intent of microneedling is to trick the body into healing a perceived wound. The punctures from microneedling begin to heal immediately. There are no lingering “holes” in the skin. Behind the scenes, fibroblasts are hard at work sending an infusion of collagen to the treated area.

RF Microneedling

RF stands for radiofrequency. Therefore, RF microneedling is a collagen induction therapy that combines the standard microneedling technique with the power of controlled thermal energy. This treatment device is similar to a standard microneedling tip; it has tiny needles in a grid-like stamp. However, these needles are energized with radiofrequency. Therefore, when they penetrate the skin, they also deliver this thermal energy deep into the dermis. The result is a stronger healing response that brings collagen and elastin to the surface. Also, the absorption of radiofrequency causes collagen strands to immediately constrict, leading to tighter, smoother skin.

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