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This time of year has many of us looking more closely at ourselves in the mirror. The holiday gatherings that will soon be in full swing have a way of prompting us to want to look our best. Just about everyone we meet likes to feel good when they see themselves in pictures with friends and family. One way we can help you make sure this happens is to schedule your Protégé Elite skin tightening treatments starting right now.

Aging is something that happens naturally, so why not reverse the signs of aging naturally, as well? Protégé does a beautiful job of redefining the jawline and tightening up jowls, as well as smoothing loose skin on the neck and around the eyes. Protégé is also often used to tighten skin and target small areas of unwanted fat on the midsection and other parts of the body.

The skin ages as a result of several factors. Some are biological, such as the decline of collagen production and dermatologic changes related to hormone shifts. Some of our aging comes from environmental factors such as sun exposure and pollution. Whatever we encounter on the inside and the outside has a lasting impact on the health of the skin. Fortunately, science has identified the key to younger-looking skin at any age: collagen.

How Collagen Supports Beautiful Skin

Collagen is the major player in skin health. This protein makes up approximately 80% of the uppermost layers of tissue. In youthful skin, there is an abundance of both collagen and elastin. One (collagen) gives the skin firmness and resiliency. The other (elastin) is what allows the skin to stretch and bounce back rather than loosen.

Studies have confirmed that all humans encounter a decrease in collagen production at some point. The good news is that research has also discovered that collagen is something we can encourage. This protein is made by fibroblast cells in the dermis. Harnessing innovative energy, it is possible to stimulate these cells and essentially force more collagen and elastin into the skin.

Protégé for Pampered Skin

Skin tightening in our Westport office is something that we customize to every patient. Protégé is a preferred method of skin tightening primarily because this device has been made with comfort in mind. The monopolar radiofrequency energy that passes through the epidermis gently heats the fibroblasts cells beneath. Additionally, the collagen strands that support tight skin contract immediately in response to this heat. It’s that simple.

Are you looking for the ideal pre-holiday anti-aging boost for your skin? Contact Westport Dermatology at (203) 226-3600 to learn more about Protégé Elite and our other rejuvenating treatments.

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