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Life is all about transitions. Throughout every age and stage, we notice certain aspects of our mindset evolving; certain things about our body that have changed. Maintaining dermatologic health and attractive skin is not difficult when you understand the nuances of transition. We are, in fact, in one of those times right now. As the cold of Winter is slowly moving behind us, we look forward to warmer temperatures and sunnier days. At the same time, the way that skin is managed will also need tweaking.

Change up your Products

There is something about Springtime that brings out the urge to purge. Cleaning out the house and tossing aside what is no longer needed feels good, and it shouldn’t stop with unused household items. In fact, Springtime is a great time to adjust your skin care routine. The first tip we offer is to go through your cosmetics. This is something many people do all too infrequently. If a product is more than 6 months old, toss it. Otherwise, you are putting bacteria onto your skin with each application.

Another way that your skin care routine should transition with the season is a lightening up of the moisturizing and cleansing products you are using. During cooler months, the skin is in greater need of products that trap moisture in the cells that need it most. As we warm up, we can also lighten up. Skin care products should contain antioxidants and alpha hydroxy acid. Emollient ingredients are still necessary but can be milder.

Ruffle some Feathers

Maybe we should say scales, not feathers. If exfoliation is not something, you regularly do, the surface of your skin will become rough and scaly. This is because dead skin cells are blocking the smoothness that lies beneath. Another thing that these cells block is your moisturizer, your anti-aging serum, or any other product you have invested in. Springtime is a great time to ruffle those “feathers” of dull, dead cells. We’re happy to help. Contact our office to schedule an exfoliating or resurfacing treatment that meets your needs for rejuvenation.

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