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Image-conscious or not, more of us are realizing that we feel better when we like the way we look. Age robs us of quite a bit of the natural appeal we appreciate in the face. The good news about anti-aging is that there is an extensive list of potential treatments to support the skin as it continues through the biological process of getting older. At Westport Dermatology and Laser Center, patients get the assistance they need to maintain healthy, glowing, supple skin.

The Laxity Issue

The conversation about what to do with aging skin often stops short at injectables. We fill lines and creases, plump the lips and cheeks, and smooth away frown lines all with a few needle-pricks and virtually no pain – certainly, no down time. But none of these wonderful advances in cosmetic medicine really do much to encourage the skin to stay firm. And laxity can become quite the frustrating issue in time. This is why we are pleased to offer ThermiSmooth™.

ThermiSmooth is a radiofrequency treatment that provokes the heating of connective tissues. These tissues that run beneath the skin rely on strong, tight strands of collagen for resilience and structure. As we all know, collagen does not come in an endless supply. We lose it. And then we lose the scaffolding that keeps tissue where it belongs. Each ThermiSmooth RF treatment excites fibroblast cells to send more collagen into the skin.

This non-invasive treatment that feels like a warming massage can be used to improve the texture and suppleness of skin on the neck, around the lips and jawline, the lower cheek and under the eyes. A thorough consultation allows us to recommend the appropriate number of treatments for each of our patients. Typically, skin begins to look better after the initial radiofrequency treatment, and continues to improve over time as collagen reformation occurs month by month. In most cases, significant improvement is obtained with a series of three to six treatments. Maintenance may be scheduled once or twice a year.

One of the best bits of advice we’ve learned from years in practice is that an early start in managing the aging process leads to the best outcome. We are here to help you treat wrinkles, sun damage, laxity, and more with professional care in a friendly environment.

Call Westport Dermatology at 203-226-3600 to learn more about ThermiSmooth.

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