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Because cancer has touched so many people in some way or another, it is only natural that we would become concerned if we notice changes in our skin. Truth be told, the skin is always changing and asking us to pay close attention to it. The development of moles and other growths needs to be noticed and, in some cases, evaluated by a dermatologist. However, new moles and growths, such as red moles, don’t have to cause extraordinary alarm. We want to discuss why.

What Cherry Angiomas Mean About Your Skin

The reason we can so quickly become concerned about a growth is that every growth “means something” about our dermatologic health. At least it seems that way. Dark spots may mean that we have sustained damage from all those days lying on the beach or by the pool. Acne may mean that we should be better about removing makeup before bed. Moles and growths, well they could mean we have skin cancer – or not, as is the case with the red moles known as cherry angiomas.

Red moles are caused by an overgrowth of vascular cells just beneath the epidermis. Researchers aren’t exactly sure why these vascular growths develop, but there is some evidence of genetic predisposition. What is most important to know about red moles is that they are typically only a cosmetic problem. Being vascular, a cherry angioma that gets nicked or cut may bleed easily.

Should a Red Mole Be Treated?

While it isn’t necessary to treat cherry angiomas, some people choose to for cosmetic reasons. A red mole may be treated in many ways, including:

  • Just like precancerous growths can be frozen with liquid nitrogen, so can cherry angiomas.
  • A red mole may be removed quickly using a small electrical current.
  • Laser surgery. Pulses of light from a laser device can sear the structure of the mole.
  • Cherry angiomas may be excised using a local anesthetic and a scalpel.

See your dermatologist in Westport, CT if a red mole bleeds regularly or changes shape or color. To schedule a visit with us, call (203) 226-3600.

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