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The end of the hot summer months means that shorts will be traded for long pants and sweaters. This is a time of year at which many people celebrate the end of needing to shave and wax as frequently as they have been. Unwanted hair is something of a problem for many of us. Why struggle when a few laser treatments can disable hair follicles for good? One of the reasons many people give is that laser hair removal takes a long time. Here, we discuss why that is and why the length of laser hair removal treatment is nothing compared to the results you get from this technique.

Laser Technology Has Improved – To a Degree

Laser hair removal first began just over twenty years ago. The early devices that were developed were good but not as great as they are now. During the late 1990s, laser hair removal devices were most effective for people with lighter skin and darker hair. The technology works by emitting certain wavelengths of light that get absorbed by the melanin in hair. Melanin is a pigment-enhancing chemical. The skin also has melanin. The more melanin, the darker the tone of either hair or skin. When the skin and hair share similar pigment, laser devices were much less effective than they are today.

What happened as laser devices became more sophisticated was that a broader range of complexions could be treated successfully. What hasn’t happened yet, and may never happen, is that the number of treatments needed to achieve lasting results could decrease. Here’s why.

Why Laser Hair Removal Takes Time

Laser hair removal works by targeting pigment in hair in the follicle. At any given point, only a certain length of hair is in the follicle, though. The rest is in a resting phase, where it cannot be accessed. Hair transitions from active to resting and resting to active about every 6 to 8 weeks. This is why laser hair removal appointments are scheduled about that far apart and why the entire process can then take more than a year.

Start Enjoying Smoother Skin Now

Something to know about laser hair removal is that hair growth begins to dwindle after your very first treatment. As your sessions progress, you may shave as needed (and you definitely want to shave before each session). By the end of your course of treatment, you can expect for relatively few hairs to grow back here and there. If needed, you may schedule one or more touch-ups each year to maintain your results. That’s much more convenient than daily shaving!

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